All teams play each other according to the “Round Robin.” All games will be FIDE rated.

The final position is determined by the following indicators:

1. The number of match points (win = 2 points, draw = 1 point, defeat = 0 points)
2. Number of board points
3. Mutual results
4. Sonneborn-Berger points
5. Drawing of lots

Team Composition

Each team consists of 8 players, juniors ages:
Boards 1 and 2: are born in or after 1999
Boards 3 and 4: are born in or after 2001
Boards 5 and 6: are born in or after 2003
Boards 7 and 8: are born in or after 2005

In each team should at least participate one girl.

Substitutions are permitted, subject to the above conditions.

The list of participants should be available. Changes in the composition may at any time prior to the registration on October 6th.

Time control

Time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, 15 minutes for doigryvanie the game + 30 sec additional 1 move starting from the first move.