The BASAMRO Logistics Group constantly aims to strengthen relationships with its partners worldwide.

In the year 2013, in which the cooperation of the Netherlands with the Russian Federation were developing, our focus was set specifically on improving relations with our Russian allies.

In the same year, with support of the National Chess Federation of the Netherlands and the Junior Chess Organization Pathena, we had the opportunity to organize the first international Basamro Chess Tournament.

In a two-day competition, which took place in the port of Rotterdam on board the magnificent SS Rotterdam, four teams had participated, including the team from Murmansk. Each team consisted of 8 young, gifted players with a FIDE rating between 1400 and 2100 points, who battled each other in 3 rounds.

We also had the honour of having an international grandmaster Jan Timman as a VIP guest, who gave a master class and had a simultaneous match against all young tourney participants.

In the Second Basamro Chess Tournament, which took place in Murmansk in the May of 2014, the participants were the Dutch team, which took 1st place; the team from the Murmansk Region, claiming 2nd place; the team from Arkhangelsk, which won the 3rd place; and the team from Kaliningrad, which came in 4th.

We are also very proud that the special guest of the second tournament was the 12th world champion, Anatoly Karpov, for whom this was his first visit to Murmansk.

Not too difficult to guess that the Third Basamro Chess Tournament was in Rotterdam. What was special this time is the expansion of the home-locations of the teams: along with the usual participants, teams from Rotterdam and Murmansk, we also had the National Chess Junior Squad from the United Kingdom, and the International Chess Team from France. The first place was taken by the French, followed by the Dutch, Russians and the British. This time, the guest of honour was the former Dutch champion, the international grandmaster Dimitri Reinderman.

Trying to keep the bar high, so to speak, for the Fourth Basamro Chess Tournament, which will, of course, take place in Murmansk, we decided to invite 6 teams: Murmansk, Rotterdam, Paris, Sussex, Novorossiysk, and the Leningrad Region.

At the same time as the tournament, we will have a 4-game match between Anatoly Karpov and Jan Timman.

We hope that the chess enthusiasts of Murmansk will appreciate this unique event!