The foundation Pathena was founded four years ago in Rotterdam to help develop chess talents. By means of an annual invitational tournament and a multitude of other activities. They try to offer the youth every opportunity. The organization of the first Basamrotoernooi herein was a first step, among others followed by three very successful editions of the NK youth and the successful organization of various rounds of the TATA steel tournament in the past two years.

Meanwhile Pathena has also launched its own Academy for training and counseling, to guide the youth players optimally. Virtually all participants in the Pathena team will participate.

The Pathena team was in the first edition of the tournament Basamro close to the final victory, but had to acknowledge the superiority of the team from Murmansk.

Two years ago, the team team was keen to rectify this, also because of the fantastic atmosphere and the great experience we succeeded as a team to rise above ourselves and claimed the final victory.

In the third edition of the thournament in the Rotterdam Central Library, the team was keen to defend the Pathena honor. Led by FM Harold van Dijk and assistant coach Peter Ypma everything was put in order to keep the cup in Rotterdam, but unfortunately the cup was taken to Paris.

Hopefully the experience of a trip to Murmansk will also be in the next edition that little bit extra to bring once again the cup back to Rotterdam. The team has many upcoming talents that develop very fast, so everything is possible!

The following players will defend the colors of Rotterdam:

Elgersma Simon, born in 2000, was in 2016 fourth in the highly occupied Dutch Youth Championships in the category under 16.

Lola den Dunnen, born in 1999, was second in 2015 and third in 2016 at Dutch Girl Championships in the category under 20. She represented the Netherlands in 2015 at the European Youth Championships in Croatia and excelled in that season also in a number of strong senior tournaments.

Joris Kokje, born in 2001, was last spring (as the previous year) 2nd in the Dutch Youth Championships. The last three years he took part in the European Youth Championships, where he showed attractive games..

Jorik Klein, born in 2001, developed greatly as a youth player and is now part of the national sub-top in his age category. In the Dutch chess competiition he plays for Sliedrecht.

Dominggus Paays, born in 2003

Diego Kaersenhout, born in 2003, was several times junior champion of his club in Schiedam.

Ciro Catalan, born in 2006 is the youngest player of the team. This year he was the youngest participant of the under 14 Dutch Championship.

Kathleen Wiegmann, born in 2005