Paris, 23 September 2016

The Paris international Chess team (PICT) was founded in 2015 after an invitation received from the organization of the BASAMRO to participate in the third edition of the BASAMRO chess Tournament.

Under the patronage of the Paris Chess department Committee CPDE ( the team surprised everybody – including itself – by winning the tournament at his first international appearance in October 2015, putting an end to the strict hegemony of the teams from Murmansk and Rotterdam in the first two editions. With the serious preparation and effective pep-talks of IM Emmanuel Neiman the team took the first place, while – to be honest- it could easily have ended second or third in view of the strength of the competing teams.

In July 2016 an extended PICT team of 20 players visited the Glorney-Gilbert tournament ( in England in July 2016. PICT was successful again: the youngest team (U12) even brought home the Stokes cup after excellent results against the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh U12 teams. The future is looking bright!

For the fourth edition of the BASAMRO chess tournament in Murmansk, PICT is able to bring back 5 players of the 2015 team. They will ensure continuity and defend “their” Cup. The team is truly international with the 8 players sharing 6 nationalities: French, English, Dutch, Russian, Czech, and Italian, and speak even more languages.

With the help of FM Gilbert Grimberg, trainer-coach and 3 new talented players, PICT will try retain the cup and add historic moments to this marvelous chess venture.

The players deserve a short introduction:

• Etienne Albaric: One of the 5 third edition players. Etienne ended on a very honorable 8th place in the French national U 18 this year. Captain if the Team.

• Alexandre War-Esser: this former 2104 FIDE shall not be underestimated!

• Anatole Vlachos: Champion of Greece – his other country – U14 this year. Anatole is a very talented player and a brand new asset to the Team.

• Sarah El-Barbry: Our only girl. The second player of the third edition. The player who brought us the most precious points in Rotterdam in 2015. Our one and only 21th century Joan of Arc.

• Alexandre Rachid: One of the 5 survivors of the 2015 edition. Alexandre finished number 36 at the French U14 Championship in 2016, a very strong year, while at the age of 12 only.

• Yanis Nuzzolo: One of the rising chess stars in Paris. He started a bit late playing serious chess, but made it this year, at the age of 12, to the 20th place of the French national U14 Championship. So he clearly deserved the invitation from PICT!

• Elie Verhille: Member of PICT since the beginning. In 2015 Elie ended 4th in the French U10 and at the same place in the U10 EU chess championship. Winner of the Stokes Cup 2016.

• Clovis Kien: The youngest founding member of PICT. Clovis ended 5 times in the top 10 of national youth Championships in France (Classic (2x), Rapid and Blitz) and the Netherlands (Rapid). Winner of the Stokes Cup 2016.

PICT, September 2016

“Rien n’est impossible”.