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Young chess players from Murmansk won the international tournament in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The contest was part of Russian-Dutch bilateral year agenda. The banners that promoted the tournament were hanging all around the city and from the first second it was clear for guests that chess is a big deal here and people have great interest in it.

It has been long time since the vessel “SS Rotterdam” was in the open sea. Now it is anchored to one of the city’s docks and is used as a touristic attraction. And for two days it has turned into a battlefield between four teams.

The teams arrived at the location by water taxi for it is quick, convenient and refreshing way to get to the vessel. Besides Murmansk, three other teams participated in the event: from Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Murmansk sister city – Groningen. Each team had to play three 4-hour games.

At the first game Murmansk team managed to win Belgium and take the leadership. The opening ceremony that was held afterwards took the pressure off participants.

Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, who visited the Tournament, said: “Recently I was part of the delegation that welcomed President Putin in Holland. It is extremely important to strengthen our cooperation not only in politics or business, but in culture as well, and events like this give a common ground to both of our countries”.

Russian Ambassador in the Netherlands Roman Kolodkin noted: “Playing chess is very important. Everywhere – both at home and abroad. And it is great that there are people who make it happen”.

The games have been broadcasted live at Basamro website, which emphasized that this event is open to everyone who is interested in chess.

Director of Basamro Shipping, Aart Willem van der Basch, said: “I believe that it is safe to say that this event was a successful enterprise. You can tell that from the number of guests and the fact that our tournament is gaining popularity in the world of chess”.

A game with Groningen brought Murmansk the second win, and it all came to final game with Rotterdam team, that also scored two wins.

The final, third game, ended with a draw. Nevertheless, Murmansk team gained more individual points and that gave them the leading position in the tournament. It was a great success of young chess players from Murmansk and they are looking forward to new challenges ahead of them.

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