by Teun Koorevaar

The young team from Murmansk has won the first BASAMRO Chess Tournament 2013 convincingly with 5 match points and 15 board points.


In the third and final round team Murmansk played against the team of Rotterdam. Murmansk had equal match points but two board points more than Rotterdam. The final match was an exciting duel.

First Liam Vrolijk and Robby Kevlishvili had won, Kevin Nguyen and Marijn den Hartog lost and Lola den Dunnen played remise. This brought Murmansk closer to the victory.

Stijn Gieben lost from Valeria Ivina, Robin Lecomte won from Kirill Klukin and in the last remaining game between Jan van Overdam and Daniil Kharchenko both players took turns and traded out their pieces. Both players decided to end the game in a tie and all pieces could be put back in the boxes. Thus ended the encounter between Rotterdam vs. Murmansk in  4 – 4 and Murmansk became, rightfully, the winner of this unique tournament and Rotterdam came in second.

Top scoring players were Robby Kevlishvili, Robin Lecomte and Matvey Galchenko with 3 out of 3.


The young team of Murmansk and team captains posing in front of camera with Jan Timman, C.E.O. Aart v.d. Basch and Tournament Chairman Dolf Meijer. Photo: tk

It was clear that  Murmansk had sent a strong team, this became evident when looking at the results from the simultaneous games against Jan Timmand on Saturday 1 June. He played against 24 opponents and only Valerina Ivina and Krill Klukin were able to end the game in a tie. Timman won the other 22 games, but it was not easy for him against these upcoming young talents.


Timman posing with young team Moermansk, photo: tk

On Saturday 1 June the Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb visited the chess event on the ss Rotterdam. Would it be possible to take a picture with the mayor?

Jeugdteam Rotterdam op de foto met de burgemeester

Young team Rotterdam posing with the Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb. Photo: Ab Scheel

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